Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-How can Deer Scram Help You?
At Deer Scram our promise is help you enjoy your gardening again! With Deer Scram properly applied, you'll keep your landscape lush, green, full of flowers and protected from browsing deer and foraging rabbits. You’ve spent hours and money building your prized gardens, nurturing your beautiful shrubs and growing your striking trees. You don’t want a few hungry deer to come by and literally eat the fruits of your labor!

Deer Scram's 25-pound bucket
With regular application of Deer Scram, you’ll once again enjoy sitting among your attractive flowers, gathering your delicious fruits and vegetables, strolling among the cooling shade of spreading trees. With Deer Scram, you get guaranteed plant protection 24 hours a day!

Q-How does Deer Scram Work?
Unlike other deer repellents, Deer Scram is highly effective and easy to use in all seasons. Deer Scram forms a unique protective odor barrier around your plants, garden plot and shrubs. This odor is not offensive to humans, but it's the "smell of death" to deer. Deer Scram's organic components (which are a unique formula derived from animal by-products) emulate the smell of dead deer. Any experienced hunter or woodsman will tell you that the best deer repellent is dead deer. Deer Scram IS NOT dead deer, but it's the next best thing! It smells like a mild fertilizer to us.

Q-How often do I apply Deer Scram?
While Deer Scram consistently works for up to 60 days under normal summer conditions, be certain (especially during prolonged rainy periods) your valuable plants, shrubs and trees are safe by applying the product every 30 to 45 days. Follow the Application Instructions inside each container. Remember, Deer Scram is completely safe, and it never hurts to use a little more.

Q-What is the correct method for applying Deer Scram?
Simply use the scoop provided and sprinkle around the area to be protected. Sprinkle liberally covering the ground in a 16" wide strip around plants or plots needing deer or rabbit protection (see application instructions)

Q-Do I need to reapply Deer Scram after it rains or snows?
Normal rainfall actually enhances Deer Scram. No reapplication is necessary after a normal rainy day or evening thunderstorms. But reapplication IS NECESSARY after a torrential downpour of 1 to 2 inches per hour for a period of half an hour or longer.

Q-Is Deer Scram safe around children and pets?
Deer Scram contains all natural organic materials that won't harm humans or pets. Your children and favorite pets are completely safe in your garden, even immediately after applying Deer Scram. It contains no chemicals and requires no special handling or protection while applying the product. We recommend that you wash well after use and avoid ingestion or contact with eyes. Rinse well if it enters the eye. Because of its all natural and harmless ingredients, Deer Scram is exempt from registration as a repellent or pesticide under EPA regulations. A few of you may find that your family dog loves to lick Deer Scram, but that will only occur if you've trained him to like spicy Mexican food or a hot curry! Simply keep your spice dog away from a new application for a day or two until the product settles.

Q-Is Deer Scram a natural product or does it contain harmful or irritating chemicals?
Deer Scram is manufactured from all natural, organic components. It's a truly green product!

Q-Does Deer Scram work on rabbits, too?
We have formulated a Rabbit Scram which is stronger for rabbits. While the two animals are quite different, deer and rabbits genetically developed very similar predator fear instincts.

Q-What other products do you offer?
In addition to Deer repellent, we offer several other repellents. They include Mole Scram, Scram for Dogs, Scram for Cats, Snake Scram, Gopher Scram, Rabbit Scram, and Armadillo Scram.
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Q-How can I become a Deer Scram dealer?
EPIC -- maker of Deer Scram -- offers you an unparalleled opportunity to share in the success of America's Finest Deer Repellent. Deer Scram’s product advantages will increase your sales – in both deer repellent and the plants deer love to eat -- and build your reputation among home gardeners and professional landscapers. Click here to find out how to become a Deer Scram dealer Deer Scram Material Data Sheet

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