Deer at Tree

Landscapers! ...Deer Eating Your Landscapes, As Well As Your Profits?

Deer Scram ... It Really Works!

America's Finest Deer & Rabbit Repellents Stop building fortresses around your clients’ properties to keep pesky browsing deer away from valuable gardens, flowerbeds, shrubs and trees!

Deer Scram’s proprietary blend of organic ingredients not only repels deer but also TRAINS DEER to avoid valuable gardens, flowerbeds, shrubs and trees! It’s easily applied as a perimeter barrier strip around plants, groups, or beds.

Perimeter application of Deer Scram, rather than full surface coverage, costs fewer dollars per square foot of protection than any spray. Deer Scram’s unique GRANULAR FORMULA is ready to use! No mixing, spraying, clogging and cleaning!

...Keep deer out of landscapes!
...Install with safety!
...Insure your installation guarantees!
...Become the local deer-control expert!
...Reduce application frequency!

Deer Scram is both a time saver and a COST SAVER! Its perimeter application rather than full surface coverage uses fewer dollars per square foot of protection than any spray. Deer Scram lasts longer than most sprays, which generally weather quickly even with stickers, and rarely last longer than 30 days. A Deer Scram application is good for 45-60 days under normal rainfall conditions – and up to 100 days in winter, working under snow cover!

  • Broaden your landscapes!
  • Plant with confidence!
  • Strengthen your reputation!
  • Protect your margins from replacement expenses!
  • Landscapers across North America find deer damage intolerable. Millions of dollars are lost every year to what seem like always-hungry creatures that feast on perennial favorites of gardeners everywhere! Wildlife biologists estimate 35 million white-tailed deer roam across the United States. Add their cousins – the mule deer and the black-tailed deer – to the mix and the number of deer in our nation almost doubles! It's no wonder this once secretive dweller of our forests is now a problem for almost every grounds manager.

    No matter their species, deer are opportunistic, resilient and resourceful. They learn quickly and fear little but fear itself, no matter where they browse and forage -- suburban home sites, golf communities, lakeside districts, even city parks and office complexes. Deer experts who measure deer densities say 40 to 60 animals per square mile is a “moderate” population, and keeping them away for good means building expensive and unattractive fencing … until now!

    Deer Scram – America’s Finest Deer Repellent -- keeps deer off valuable landscapes because, through their uncanny sense of smell, it convinces deer that harm is nearby. Deer Scram changes deer behavior … for good!

    Year-round deer damage protection for valuable plants, trees and shrubs!

    Protects your clients’ investment while building your landscaper’s reputation for deer-proof gardening.

    Promote garden enjoyment with fence-free landscapes.

    Increase commercial orchard and garden yields.

    Build creative strategies for solving clients’ gardening woes with wildlife.

    Expand your landscaper's choices for flowers, cover and exotic plant varieties for creative terrains.

    Eliminate unsightly fencing and gates.

    Build wider margins in landscape maintenance programs by preventing browsing deer from invading valuable landscapes

    With regular application of Deer Scram, you’ll save your clients' investment in their landscapes while teaching deer to stay away from the buffet around their homes and businesses 24 hours a day! Avoid inconvenient sprays that smell bad and wash off in rain. Deer Scram deer repellent outperforms other deer repellents, is easier to use and lasts longer!

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